Why Bicycles?


Four simple reasons:

  1. Cycling is good for overweight people due to the non weight-bearing nature of the exercise. 
  2. Cycling is a form of transport, thus it is empowering and broadens the social and professional horizons of our participants, It also allows them to travel further to purchase healthy food, which often eases the burden of living in a so called “food desert”.
  3. Cycling allows people to meet on a level playing field without prejudice.  For the members of our program this is a huge boost in confidence and self esteem as they have lived their whole lives in an insular community and often encounter prejudice and discrimination outside of it.
  4. You have to look after a bike to keep it working. The same is true of your body, we want to encourage people to develop healthy habits which they stick to every day. Bike maintenance, just like body maintenance is rewarding and fun once you know how to do it!