Our Holiday Gift List 


Who Could say no to these smiling faces?

It's the time of year when a lot of us think about giving gifts to people we care about. This year, we're asking you to donate (by clicking the handy little button below) and help us get some of the items on our list. 

Bus – Yes, we want a bus! We would like to obtain a federal surplus school bus to serve as a mobile bike shop, secure storage, and transport for the team to rides in the area. A bus with a trailer could transport enough people for a mobile clinic in other native communities and would allow for safe storage of our loaner bikes and tools. Transport and safe storage are important issues for us and we feel this would allow us to address both as well as creating a gathering space for post ride surveys and health testing.  $5000

Tablet – It has been our experience that a tablet, with its intuitive interface, works well with less literate populations. We want to survey quality of life and feelings of engagement with health and community in order to measure the benefits of our program beyond weight and HbA1c . 2x $150 = $300

Loaner Bikes These would allow people to try different types and sizes of bikes (Mtb, Road, Hybrid etc) to see what works best for them. We would store these in our bus and take them out to other communities to allow people to try cycling for the first time and ride with the group. 6 Bikes x $800 = $4,800

Cameras – A set of High quality action cameras as well as a DSLR would allow us to capture our riders and help t document their progress and encourage others.  $800

Please give whatever you can and help us out this Holiday Season! 

Donate- Help us out this Holiday Season!