James Stout 


I was born and raised in the UK and diagnosed with diabetes at the age of 18. I've been racing bikes for over a decade and have been fortunate enough to travel the world doing so. I've been lucky enough to have access to medication and education for my entire life and hope to share what I have learned with my friends in the Native American community so that they can go on to be changemakers. When I'm not riding bikes I spend entirely too long thinking about coffee, beer and cookies. I have a PhD in Modern European History so I'm a doctor, but the only thing I can cure is insomnia. 


Board of Directors 

steering the ship

Our board strives to be as representative as possible whilst also cherishing the diversity of people who support our mission. We have experts in Native health, Diabetes management and people who have participated in our programs.

Paul Tourkin - Distinguished Lawyer, bike racer, coffee enthusiast 

Deb Bowen - Professor of bioethics and Humanities at the University of Washington 



Advisory board  

Experts in the field

Our advisors lend their expertise and knowledge to make sure that we use our donations and energy in the most efficient possible way. It is through their expert input that our programs have grown to be as impactful as the are today. 

Sean Burke - Head coach and owner of Crank Cycling, Sports physiologist, volunteer and fundraiser for the program, bike racer, only participant to have completed El Tour by holding onto James' pocket. 

Brennan Cassidy - Bike racer, Sports Manager, experienced non profit fundraiser and event manager, owner of a poorly functioning pancreas. 

Howard Steinberg- Founder of Dlife, advertising guru, diabetes nonprofit expert, person living with diabetes. 

Merith Basey - Executive director at Universities Allied for Essential Medications, experienced global health advocate, surprisingly good Bachata dancer given that she is from Wales. 

Megan Peet - Advancement Officer at the San Diego Symphony, video producer for our video project, recently converted bike commute enthusiast.